Brief description

This description deals with a mechanism to actuate the gearbox on the AtlasCar.

System operation

  • The AtlasCar is a car without automatic gearbox but for the autonomous driving, Atlas Car need start and move alone. So, this system come to satisfy this necessity. The gearbox system are responsible for changing gears in AtlasCar, to do this, the gearbox system move the maniple for the right position.
    The mechanical part uses two DC motors with a 104:1 reduction and to bases to handle the movement in xx and yy axis.
    The electrical part consists of an Arduino Ethernet , responsible to controle the motors and communication with the PC via ETHERNET. The system allows three modes of operation : manual, without intervention do gearbox system; semi-automatic, with gearbox system and a gamepad to changing gear sequentially; and automatic with gearbox system and a PC.
  • Mechanical components

  • Assembly drawing:
  • Exploded view:
  • List of components:
  • Electrical circuits

  • Electrical circuit:
  • Available arduino pins
  • Firmware and similar code

  • Codes:
  • Maintenance

    Check connections with bolts and coupling shaft (regular), and lubricate the chain.