This is a fake entry for illustrative purposes only. V. Santos

Brief description

This description deals with a mechanism to actuate the brake and clutch pedals on the Atlascar.

System operation

[Long description]
Uses comercial boxes driven by electrical signals from a PLC ... bla bla

Mechanical components

[conceptual mechanism, Drawings of fixing and supporting systems...]
Pedals are pushed by a mechanical arrangement of cables and pulleys.

Electrical circuits

[Electrical circuits of the devices - use images to illustrate]
The main pedal actuator has the following wiring (Wrong, do not be fooled... :-))
pedal switch
The boxes have internal microcontrollers to operate the system

Firmware and similar code

[Describe what programs and environments are used alogn with links to relevant code]
Microcontroller board is PIC-based and has the following
main program: brake PIC code


[Here lay specific instructions for technitians and engineers]
The system requires calibration procedures each time the boxes are moved.