Luis Merino

Associate Professor

School of Engineering, Pablo de Olavide University (UPO), Seville, Spain

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Short Biography

Luis Merino is Associate Professor at the School of Engineering, Pablo de Olavide University (UPO), Seville, Spain. He joined the University in 2004. He received the Telecommunications Engineer Degree in 2000 from the University of Seville. After that, he worked at Telefonica for one year. In 2007 he received the Ph.D. degree on Robotics, from the Systems Engineering and Automation Department of the University of Seville. His thesis has been awarded with the ABB Award to the Best Doctoral Dissertation on Robotics 2007, given by the Spanish Committee of Automation (CEA, Robotics Group) of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC).

He has made research visiting stays at the Computer Vision Laboratory, University of Linköping, Sweden; the Real-time and Robotics Group at the Technical University of Berlin, and the Laboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes, LAAS, (CNRS), at Toulouse, France.

His research interests include robot localization and navigation, multi-robot systems, sensor fusion and planning under uncertainties applied to robotics, and leads several projects on these topics, including the work of UPO at the FP7 projects FROG and TERESA.

He has been responsible of the Systems Engineering and Automation Division of UPO for several years. Currently, he is Vice-Dean of UPO's School of Engineering.

His activities also include multiple roles as guest and associate editor of several journals and conferences of world level in the area of robotics and vision, among others.