Brief description

This description deals with a mechanism to control the laser3D on the Atlascar.

System operation

The system is designed to rotate a 2D laser about a shaft which is perpendicular to the scanner’s internal mirror axle. The scanner is in forward looking position because it is to be installed onboard a robot with a prevalent sense of motion. To rotate the external shaft, a stepper motor is used with its angular velocity controlled by an MCU. In order to establish connection between the rotating scanner and the fixed part of the platform, a slip ring with adequate signal to noise ratio and power capability has been installed. [R.Pascoal]

Mechanical components

Electrical circuits

Schematics developed in Eagle
Microcontroller schematic
PCB top
PCB bottom

Firmware and similar code

Use MPLABX to open the project in the Code folder.
Microcontroller board is PIC-based and has the following
main program: PIC code