Jul 21 2008B21 Kitchen Robot (AKA: The Kitchen Killer)


The B21 Kitchen Robot was designed to know where everything in your kitchen is via RFID tagging and help you prepare meals. In reality, the robot will probably just stab you. The blue barrel bastard was created by the Technical University of Munich and even has the capability to learn how to use new tools (read: knives, read: oh freaking great).

(By using RFID tags) the robot knows where everything is, and it can learn simple tasks simply by observing the movements of the objects.

"Setting the table is very easily recognized from cups and plates disappearing from the cupboard and appearing on the table, and cleaning up later is characterized by the same objects disappearing from the table and appearing in the dishwasher."

The team is also working to integrate a number of open-source software packages to enable the robots to get instructions from the internet, in the same way that some search for images.

Oh yeah, that's just what I need -- a robot that's getting instructions from the interwebs. So let me get this straight: There's a robot in my kitchen. It knows where the knives are, and it's being controlled by someone whose goal is to type F1RST! in the comments? Thanks, but I'll just keep my wife chained to the stove. Damnit, hold on.


Robot chef gets a boost from wireless kitchen [newscientist]

Thanks Bo, now I have to destroy my kitchen so there's nowhere for this evil bastard to live.

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Reader Comments


ys im a kid


WERE ALL GUNNA DIE!!!!!!!11111!1!!!!!!!!!!

I'm surprised "Robot Apocalypse" isn't one of the tags.

Where's medical officer Ratchet when you need him?

The androgynous version of Rosie is cute, but creepy. It'll never catch on.

give it boobs and ill never leave the house.

seriously, this thing isnt letting me leave the house!

Weren't the new robots in I, Robot controlled by a data uplink too? didn't they all go crazy and start killing people?

That looks like the interrogation droid from star wars... what a great theme geekologie is running with

Look it's holding a cup...get 2 robots and you've got entertainment

I wish it wouldn't leave dirty glasses on the side.

i love how robots still look the same as they did in the 50's.

It would be as useful as that shitty thing on Lost In Space, ok it would make a good alarm if you were in danger but that's it.

Yes, but is it Three Laws safe?

Where's medical officer Ratchet when you need him?

The androgynous version of Rosie is cute, but creepy. It'll never catch on.

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