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gps wrapper package. Simply uses launch files for existing ROS nodes. gpsd_client is the actual node that runs from the gps-umd package available in ROS.

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  • gps is a wrapper package to use existing GPS packages based on gpsd


    The package depends on existing ROS gps package gps-umd that you can install using the following generic procedure:

    	sudo apt-get install ros-<distro>-gps-umd

    gps_umd is actually a ROS stack with two packages:

    gpsd_client obtains data after gpsd, which is a deamon in the operating system. If gpsd is not installed then install it with:

    	sudo apt-get install gpsd

    And then configure it:

    	dpkg-reconfigure gpsd

    to change the options, stored in /etc/default/gpsd, into something like:

    	USBAUTO="false"   # "true" to make autodetection of USB port!

    If you do not want the gpsd scramble your serial ports, then do not allow auto USB detection and impose your serial port manually, e.g.

    	gpsd /dev/ttyUSB3

    You can test if GPS is operational by running several tools such as cgps (text) or xgps (graphical) where you should see data and even a map of satelites... :-)

    In some GPS receivers there is a problem with GPS time so the command must be invoked setting the gps_time as false. The actual command is something like this:

    	rosrun gpsd_client gpsd_client _host:=localhost _port:=2947 _use_gps_time:=false

    Port is the default but can be changed.

    The launch/gpsBU-353.launch launch file has been created to easily launch this gpsd_client for the particular receiver.

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