TCP/IP Client library

tcp_client: tcp_client

A tcp/ip client library. Implements both synchronous and asynchronous communication variants.

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  • This module provides an easy to use TCP/IP client library.
    The library takes the form of a class that implements sys/socket, netinet/in and arpa/inet functions for socket control.
    Only a client class was developed and it only supports IPv4 and not IPv6, though the expansion is easy to achieve.

    An example on how to use the class is presented at example page.

    For the more experienced user, the usage of the additional asynchronous client is highly recommended.
    This library is based on the boost::asio library supporting either IPv4 and IPv6 connections.
    This library is also accepts names of typical services (ssh, http, etc...) instead of port numbers.

    An example on how to use the asynchronous client at AsyncClient page.

    Happy coding!!

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