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Topic priority sorting class. More...

#include <topic_priority.h>

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The correct use of this class is extremely simple, the used must only declare this class with a copy constructible and assignable class type, boost shared pointers are recommended. Function push_msg() add a new message to the queue while top_msg() returns a pointer to the current command message that should be respected while doing the necessary maintenance() to the list. The template type cmd_type must be a pointer to a class with variables lifetime and priority. Lifetime is the number of seconds that this message will live after arrival and priority is a positive integer value, with higher priority values overriding lower priority messages.

void push_msg (cmd_type msg)
 Add new command message.
cmd_type top_msg (void)
 Return the current command message.

Private Member Functions

void maintenance (void)
 Do maintenance on the message map.

Private Attributes

std::map< int, cmd_type >::iterator it
 Iterator for the messages.
std::map< int, cmd_type > message_map
 Map of all the messages received.

Detailed Description

template<class cmd_type>
class TopicQueuePriority< cmd_type >

Topic priority sorting class.

This class was developed to simplify the lifetime/priority scheme used in the command messages, the use of this class guaranties that the command message being used fits the parameters.

Definition at line 45 of file topic_priority.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<class cmd_type>
void TopicQueuePriority< cmd_type >::maintenance ( void   )  [inline, private]

Do maintenance on the message map.

Remove messages that are past their lifetime.

Definition at line 121 of file topic_priority.h.

template<class cmd_type>
void TopicQueuePriority< cmd_type >::push_msg ( cmd_type  msg  )  [inline]

Add new command message.

Add or replace a command message of a given priority, it replaces if a message with the same priority was already received.

msg new message

Definition at line 71 of file topic_priority.h.

template<class cmd_type>
cmd_type TopicQueuePriority< cmd_type >::top_msg ( void   )  [inline]

Return the current command message.

Returns the message with the most priority that is still alive

message to be used

Definition at line 92 of file topic_priority.h.

Member Data Documentation

template<class cmd_type>
std::map<int,cmd_type>::iterator TopicQueuePriority< cmd_type >::it [private]

Iterator for the messages.

Definition at line 50 of file topic_priority.h.

template<class cmd_type>
std::map<int,cmd_type> TopicQueuePriority< cmd_type >::message_map [private]

Map of all the messages received.

Definition at line 48 of file topic_priority.h.

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