On this section, we explore the main features of the CARLA Simulator and the ROS-Bridge package

 The Carla Simulator has the following main features:
  • Start Simulator Game
  • Control CARLA Vehicle
  • Monitoring CARLA World

  •  The ROS-Bridge package has the following main features:
  • Display CARLA World Information via ROS Messages

  • Scenarios

     This section will exemplify four possible scenarios of different type of users taking advantage of the Carla Simulator game.

    Start the Simulator

      John, an average consumer has the Carla Simulator installed on his computer. He decides to start the simulator to be able to play, so he selects the vehicle he wants to play and is now able to interact with the Carla World.
      Meanwhile, on the another Peter was able to see John playing the simulator via the ROS-Bridge package as well as all the other players.

    Starting a Game

      John, already enrolled with the simulator, now has the ability to play with another vehicle, selected by the system.   Peter, with the ROS-Bridge is able to see the moves that John and the other players are making, as well as other objects present in the simulator.  

    Watching a Game

      Sarah only wishes to follow one player in the Carla World. On the ROS-Bridge interface she chooses "watch", and selects a vehicle. Sarah is able to stop watching anytime and choose another player to watch.

    Monitoring the CARLA World

      On the ROS-Bridge Peter can monitor all the aspects of the Carla World, adding new objects like NPCS(Pedestrians/Vehicles) to the world.

    Use cases

     On this section, we expose the most important use cases on the system, according to the frequency of use.

    Carla Simulator

    Use case Play a game
    Description The user is able to play the Carla simulator with a certain vehicle using their keyboard.
    Exceptions The player is spawned in a random location in the Carla world.
    Priority High
    Other information To be able to play simulator the player needs to start the CarlaUE4.sh script and play the manual_control python script

    Use case Watching a game
    Description A user can watch a game taking place in the CARLA World, through a interface that allows the selection of the vehicle that you want to follow.
    Exceptions If there are no vehicles present in the world the user cannot watch the game
    Priority Medium
    Other information --


    Use case Watching a game
    Description A user can access the ROS-Bridge, select a vehicle and follow that vehicle throughout the Carla World.
    Exceptions If there are no vehicles present in the world the user cannot watch the game.
    Priority High
    Other information Depending on the simulation happening at the moment of viewing the user can see the moves being made by the players in real time.

    Use case See game and vehicle and other world statistics
    Description A user of the Web UI can access statistics of each simulation and each vehicle that exists in the platform
    Exceptions --
    Priority High
    Other information --