Device mapper, The device organizer system

device_mapper: device_mapper

This module automatically detects devices attached to the PC.

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  • This module automatically detects devices attached to the PC and creates ros parameters that publish the device's communication port.

    It implements the udev library to receive notifications of events on the ports, when a device is unplugged or plugged the device's parameter is updated to reflect the most updated info.

    This node only searches for devices listed on the robot's urdf file, the path to this file is inputed as a parameter robot_urdf_path. The urdf file contains the necessary device information under the SENSOR and DEVICE_INFORMATION sections. The device information consists of pairs of rules that will be tested for each device, the SUBSYSTEM rule should always be present given that it is used to prefilter devices improving performance.

    To launch this node use the following example:

    <node pkg="device_mapper" type="device_mapper" name="atc_device_mapper" >
            <param name="robot_urdf_path" value="$(find atlascar_base)/urdf/atlascar_urdf_3dsmodels.xml" />
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