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/home/laradmin/lar/sensors/fusion/laser3D_pointcloud/include/laser3D_pointcloud/laser3D_pointcloud.h [code]Header file with class declaration to accumulate pointlouds of the laser3D data
/home/laradmin/lar/sensors/fusion/laser3D_pointcloud/src/laser3D_pointcloud.cpp [code]Library functions for las3D_PointCloud. This library provides a stack of function for the accumulation of pointclouds of the laser3D data
/home/laradmin/lar/sensors/fusion/laser3D_pointcloud/src/main.cpp [code]Nodelet that uses las3D_PointCloud class to generate PointCloud from 2D scan data and external shaft position. This nodelet subscribes sensor_msgs::LaserScan, sensor_msgs::JointState, and projects the scan in to pointcloud, using the transform published by the pkg laser_rotate3D. The PointCloud is accumulated on the desired /ac_frame (see laser3D_pointcloud.lauch)
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