lidar_segmentation. A package with tools to preform Segmentation operations to sensor_msgs::LaserScan

lidar_segmentation: lidar_segmentation


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  • Lidar Segmentation Algorithms

    This node is intended to explore some 2D Laser segmentation algorithms

    The segmentation process, whose objective is grouping segments that belong to the same object, is analysed using several kinds of algorithms:

    Simple Clustering, Multivariable Segmentation, Adaptative Breakpoint Detector, Dietmayer Segmentation (Jump distance), Adapted Dietmayer Segmentation (Santos Segmentation) and Spacial Nearest neighbour (Recursive method)

    The laser data is created from a .txt file with the Ground-truth data

    The results of the Several Algorithms can be seen on a rviz plataform The segmentation results (segments' centers and boundaries) are published into .txt files

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