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    How to use the the Class Navigability_Map

    This is what you should do

    use the main.cpp file

    Then you must subscribe the desired topic

    With this class you should subscribe a sensor_msgs::PointCloud2 (create respective Callback)

    You must set the parameters in the lauch file

    Publish the disire topics, marker of the maps and normals and a possible filtered PointCloud

    To make it simple:

    Using the main.cpp

    Example of a xml launch file for the navigability_map pkg

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
            <!-- This is a atlasmv launch files for starting a accessibility map  -->
            <group ns="/navigability_map">
                    <!-- Remmaping topics-->
                    <remap from="/pointcloud0" to="/snr/las3d/fus/pointcloud"/>
                    <node name="nav_map" pkg="navigability_map" type="nav_map">
                            <!--    PARAM            -->
                            <param name="output_frequency" value="200.0"/>
                            <!--    PointCloud distance filters      -->
                            <param name="PointCLoud_Xmin_filter" type="double" value="0"/>
                            <param name="PointCLoud_Xmax_filter" type="double" value="25.0"/>
                            <param name="PointCLoud_Ymax_filter" type="double" value="25.0"/>
                            <param name="PointCLoud_Ymin_filter" type="double" value="-25.0"/>
                            <param name="PointCLoud_Zmax_filter" type="double" value="2"/>
                            <param name="PointCLoud_Zmin_filter" type="double" value="-10.0"/>
                            <!--    Cells dimension      -->
                            <param name="Grid_Sx" type="double" value="0.35"/>
                            <param name="Grid_Sy" type="double" value="0.35"/>
                            <!--    Normal Estimation        -->
                            <param name="Radius_neighbors" type="double" value="0.4"/>
                            <param name="K_neighbors" type="int" value="20"/>
                            <!-- 1 - Use radius search method;
                                     0 - Use neighbours search method -->
                            <param name="Use_Radius_Search" type="int" value="1"/>
                            <!--    Acessibility  thresholds           -->
                            <param name="Zmax_heigh_difference" type="double" value="0.1"/>
                            <param name="angleX_max_difference" type="double" value="0.2"/>
                            <param name="angleY_max_difference" type="double" value="0.2"/>
                            <param name="angleZ_max_difference" type="double" value="0.2"/>
                            <!--    Confidence value for a cell with 1 point         -->
                            <param name="default_confidence" type="double" value="0.5"/>
                            <!--    Normalization constants for the confidence       -->
                            <param name="Standard_Deviation_max_confidence" type="double" value="0.4"/>
                            <param name="Standard_Deviation_anglex_max_confidence" type="double" value="0.8"/>
                            <param name="Standard_Deviation_angley_max_confidence" type="double" value="0.8"/>
                            <param name="Standard_Deviation_anglez_max_confidence" type="double" value="0.8"/>
                            <param name="fator_confidence_neighbour_limit" type="double" value="1"/>
                            <!-- 1 - Z accessibility;
                                     2 - Angle X accessibility
                                     3 - Angle Y accessibility
                                     4 - Angle Z accessibility 
                                     5 - Total accessibility -->
                            <param name="debug_accessibility" type="int" value="5"/>        
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