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/home/laradmin/lar/perception/navigability_map/include/navigability_map/navigability_map.h [code]Header file with class declaration to creat a two-dimensional grid. The two-dimensional grid has cells that contain several properties of a pointcloud
/home/laradmin/lar/perception/navigability_map/src/main.cpp [code]Nodelet that use Navigability_Map class to generate a Accessibility Map. This nodelet subscribes sensor_msgs::PointCloud2 and filters the PointCloud, then it generates a Grid with each node containing data from the PointCloud
/home/laradmin/lar/perception/navigability_map/src/navigability_map.cpp [code]Library functions for Navigability_Map. This library provides a stack of function for a Accessibility Map
/home/laradmin/lar/perception/navigability_map/src/representation_rviz.cpp [code]Visualization on rviz related functions
/home/laradmin/lar/perception/navigability_map/src/representation_rviz.h [code]Declarion functions and class to handle the visualization markers of the Class Navigability_Map
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