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    How to accumulate a pointCloud

    This is what you should do

    use pc_accumulation_nodelet:

    pc_accumulation lib;

    Then you must subscribe the desired topic

    With this class you can subscribe a sensor_msgs::LaserScan or sensor_msgs::PointCloud.(create respective Callback) In order for this to work, you must subscribe also a nav_msgs::Odometry, in order to make the accumulation possible.

    You must set several parameters (required)

    Must specify:(use them as Global Variables)

    Frame of accumulation : acc_frame = Desired frame to remove points from lib._acc_frame_id = Distance distance_from =

    Publish Accumulated PointCloud

    The message to publish is from type sensor_msgs::PointCloud2

    To make it simple:

    Using the nodelet

    Example of a xml launch file for xb3

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <!-- This is a pc_accumulation launch file for starting the pc_accumulation_nodelet-->
      <node name="pc_accumulation_nodelet" pkg="pc_accumulation" type="pc_accumulation_nodelet" >
                  <!--This parameter set the desired max distance removed_from -->
                  <param name="distance_from" value="15" type="double"/>
                  <!--This parameter sets the point from your system -->
                  <param name="removed_from" value="/atc/vehicle/center_bumper"/>
                  <!-- Define the time interval between each published message-->
                  <param name="timer_value" value="0.1" type="double"/> <!--Frequency of pub message ( sec ) -->
                  <!-- Set the accumulation frame_id-->
                  <param name="acc_frame" value="/world"/> 
                  <!-- Subscribe several topics LaserScan and PointClouds (0 - 4)-->
                  <!-- Remmaping topics-->
                  <remap from="/laserscan0" to="/atc/laser/center_top_roof/laser_scan"/> 
                 <remap from="/pointcloud0" to="/xb3_short/left/image_raw"/>
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