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points_from_volume: convexhull


  • Homepage: http://ros.org/wiki/convexhull
  • points_from_volume is a package that includes points_from_volume library

    The points_from_volume library extracts points from the inside/outside of a polygon.


    How to use?

    Class declaration

    On the code do:

    // The input pcl could be either a PointXYZ or a PointXYZRGB
    points_from_volume<pcl::PointXYZ> pfv;

    Definition of parameters (Mandatory)

    // After the ROS initialization you must declare 3 parameters
    ros::init(argc, argv, "points_from_volume_nodelet"); 
    ros::NodeHandle n("~"); 
    // Positive offset of the convexhull
    n.param("positive_offset", positive, 2.0);
    // Negative ofset of the convexhull
    n.param("negative_offset", negative, -0.1);
    // Flag that defines is you are searching for points inside(flag=false) or outside (flag=true) the convexhull
    n.param("flag_in_out", flag, false);

    ROS subscription

    // You need to subscribe 2 point clouds. 
    // The first one contains the points needed to define the convexhull
    ros::Subscriber sub1 = n.subscribe ("/points_convexhull", 1, cb_points_convexhull);
    // The second one is the point cloud with the points to filter
    ros::Subscriber sub2 = n.subscribe ("/point_cloud_input", 1, cloud_cb);  


    // The first callbak (cb_points_convexhull) needs to call a function from the points_from_volume class to set the convexhull
    // The second callbak (cloud_cb) sets the convexhull solid... 
    pfv.convexhull_function(pc_in, positive, negative, flag);
    // And then you can return the filtered point cloud             

    Publish the point cloud

    ros::Publisher = n.advertise<sensor_msgs::PointCloud2>("/pcmsg_out", 1); // Where /pcmsg_out is the name of the publisher

    The example nodelet

    Example of a xml launch file for a point cloud received from a Kinect sensor

      <node name="openni_node" pkg="openni_camera" type="openni_node" />    
      <node name="points_from_volume_nodelet" pkg="points_from_volume" type="points_from_volume_nodelet" args="point_cloud_input:=/camera/depth/points"/>
      <!-- Setting parameters -->
        <param  name= "positive_offset" type="float"  value="2.0" />  
        <param  name= "negative_offset" type="float" value="-0.1" /> 
        <param  name= "flag_in_out" type="bool" value="false" />
      <!-- !!!You need to publish your convexhull points too!!! -->   
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