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/home/laradmin/lar/utils/wrapper_collada/src/domTest.cpp [code]A collada dom example from where I got the code
/home/laradmin/lar/utils/wrapper_collada/src/domTest.h [code]This is a blank file. has nothing in it. I may have migrated it to the cpp
/home/laradmin/lar/utils/wrapper_collada/src/export.cpp [code]A collada dom example. Definition of the class
/home/laradmin/lar/utils/wrapper_collada/src/integrationExample.cpp [code]A collada dom example. An integration example
/home/laradmin/lar/utils/wrapper_collada/src/mytest.cpp [code]A simple test file. First try. Don't remember much else
/home/laradmin/lar/utils/wrapper_collada/src/mytest2.cpp [code]A simple test file. Second try. Don't remember much else
/home/laradmin/lar/utils/wrapper_collada/src/wrapper_collada.cpp [code]Wrapper collada class methods definitions
/home/laradmin/lar/utils/wrapper_collada/src/wrapper_collada.h [code]The actual wrapper collada class definition
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