Trajectory planner


The trajectory_planner package

trajectory_planner_nodelet is a package that generates a few number of trajectories from an header file with two structures with ackermann angles and arc measurements.

This package uses two classes, c_trajectory and c_manage_trajectory

How to use?

Execution node

c_trajectory class

This class is very simple to use, because you just need to give 3 input parameters. A structure of alphas (ackermann angles), arcs and speed (not very important yet). The rest of the class is responsible to calculate the coordinates of the vehicle during the movement. After that, some markers are created, to perform a visual simulation of the movement and orientations.

The nodelet

To use the nodelet, you just need to perfom two actions:

Execution node

c_manage_trajectory class

This class receive from the trajectory genarator a trajectory. It will be analized, to determine its overall score, depending on a few weight parameters.. The evaluations methods are:

This class returns a vizual marker with the trajectory evaluation paramenters values and its final weight.

Execution node

After being generated and evaluated, the trajectory with the higher final overall score must be followed. The node responsible to perform that is the trajectory_executive. It publishes a message with the speed and sirection parameters that the vehicle should have at each moment.

Author(s): Joel Pereira
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