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o*haptic_feedback.cppNode that translates sensory information into a force vector to be rendered by the haptic joystick. Calculates the feedback force sent to the joystick based on the CoP location and on its distance to the support polygon boundaries. Defines a C++ class responsible for subscribing to CoP and support polygon information, which then evaluates if the CoP is within the support polygon or not. If so, an algorithm calculates the force to be rendered on the user
o*phantom_control_vrep.cppNode responsible for handling the communication between the PHANToM device and V-REP. Connects to V-REP and joystick simultaneously, returning the device status to the simulator and updating the received forces. Implements joint-by-joint robot control and inverse kinematics control when combined with the joystick, or inverse kinematics when alone, using a polynomial-like trajectory generation. The operation mode depends on the V-REP scene, and on the state selected by Button 2. It uses both ROS and OpenHaptics
o*record_data.cppNode that subscribes to different topics recording general information about a certain teleoperation task. Its function is to record the data transmitted among the different ROS nodes, including sensory information and control commands that can later be used for visualization and analyses. The data is saved in several dedicated .csv files
o*robot_state.cppNode in charge of receiving data from the V-REP simulation, monitoring robot and simulation states. This module basically defines a C++ class responsible for mmonitoring and register the main variables involved in the robot simulation. Receives the sensor positions and the force values measured by them, and calculates the CoP. Also defines the robot's ground base support, when one or both feet are in contact with the ground. These calculations are performed relatively to the robot coordinate frame, making them independent of the model's position in the V-REP scene. Inertial measurement units data is also received
\*vrep_perturbations.cppNode responsible for including external perturbations on V-REP scenes. The version 1.0 controls the tilt angle of a platform in V-REP, onto which the robot stands. This inclianation can be controlled either by the joystick gimbal angles, or automatically generated by a sinusoidal function

Author(s): João Barros
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