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c_atlasmvClass that defines everything related with the atlasmv robot interface. this class only deals with SI units (m/s, rad/s, seconds and so on)
class_diocThis class implements the DIOC communication protocol
command_queue_priority< cmd_type >
detailsTypedef that includes all params that define atlasmv robot
robot_lights_command_messageLights command message
robot_motion_command_messageThis is the command message, that controls the speed and direction of the atlas robots
robot_status_messageBase status message for the atlas robots
robot_vert_sign_command_messageRobot_vert_sign_command_message struct where is defined all 6 different signs
TYPE_DES_status_varDES data structure with all status variables, all variables are 16bits except Nb136 that is 32bits (double word)
TYPE_des_sysparamData struct with all DES System Parameters definition, all fields have a length of 16bits but the variable range can change normally [0, 32767]
TYPE_msg_frameStruct with message frame
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