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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
o*c_polygon_representation.cppThis code provides a data structure to have a polygonal primitive representation
o*c_polygon_representation.hHeader for polygon representation. Defines how a polygon is stored in memory
o*camera_parameters.cppDefines the camera parameters for distortion correction
o*camera_parameters.hDefines a class where the parameters of a camera are stored
o*camera_projection.cppPerforms the projection of a camera image to a polygonal primitive
o*camera_projection.hThe class camera_projection performs the projection of an image into a polygon plane
o*class_pinhole_projection.cppPerforms pinhole model projection. Is also capable of doing spherical model undistortion as used in MIT dataset
o*class_pinhole_projection.hHeader for pinhole projection. Defines default distortions parameters for mit dataset cameras
o*constrained_delaunay_triangulation.cppThis code perfomrs a constrained delaunay triangulation
o*constrained_delaunay_triangulation.hHeader for constrained delaunay triangulation
o*constrained_delaunay_triangulation_utils.cppSome utils for the constrained delaunay triangulation code
o*ddt.cppThis is an example I got somewhere. It does DDT
o*distortion_correction.cppFunctions for making the distortion correction. Everything is now in the header
o*distortion_correction.hDistortion correction class definition
o*extract_polygon_primitives.cppThe main file of the extract polygon primitives binary
o*extract_polygon_primitives.hHeader of the extract polygon primitives binary
o*extract_polygon_primitives_auxiliary.cppAuxiliary functions for the extract_polygon_primitives binary
o*extract_polygon_primitives_handlers.cppThe ros message handlers are defined here
o*extract_polygon_primitives_rvizmarkers.cppImplements functions to produce rviz markers
o*greedy_triangulation.cppAn example of a greedy triangulation, that was used to compared agains polygonal primitives
o*otherfns.cppAuxiliary functions for Data dependent triangulation. Does not work well
o*polygon_intersection.cppProvides functions for testing the intersection of polygons
o*polygon_intersection.hThis is the header for the main code that performs geometric polygonal primitives extraction
o*polygon_primitive.cppHolds the c_polygon_primitive basic methods
o*polygon_primitive.hA class c_polygon_primitive that contains information about a detected polygon primitive as well as the methods for detection
o*polygon_primitive_2dhulls.cppMethods for convex and concave hull computation
o*polygon_primitive_auxiliary.cppAuxiliary methods go here. Usually miscelaneous methods
o*polygon_primitive_communication.cppAll ros communication functions are defined here
o*polygon_primitive_offset.cppHere the polygon offset methods are implemented
o*polygon_primitive_operations.cppImplements the high lever polygon primitive operations such as create, expand, split, etc
o*polygon_primitive_planefitting.cppMethods for plane fitting using ransac are implemented here
o*polygon_primitive_with_texture.cppHolds the c_polygon_primitive basic methods
o*polygon_primitive_with_texture.hA class c_polygon_primitive_with_texture that contains information about a detected polygon primitive as well as the methods the texturing
o*polygon_primitive_with_texture_rviz.cppHolds the c_polygon_primitive rviz drawing methods
o*preh.hHeader for a DDT example
o*projection_mesh.cppCode for computing the projection of local meshes to the global mesh
o*projection_mesh.hHeader for projection mesh
o*textured_triangle.cppThese function provide texture mapping of triangles
o*textured_triangle.hHeader for textured triangle
o*texturize_polygon_primitives.cppMain code for adding texture to geometric polygonal primitives
\*texturize_polygon_primitives.hHeader of the texturize polygon primitives binary

Author(s): Miguel Oliveira
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