The Walking Machine Catalogue

At the beginning of my work, I wanted to create a catalogue of all the walking machines that were ever built. This collection should represent the state of the art in this interesting research field, as well as the history of walking machines. Therefore, I contacted several walking machine specialists in order to set up a short description of their machines. The positive reactions and the interest shown in this catalogue encouraged me to publish it via www.

During the work, I recognized that this walking machine catalogue may not only be a description of different machines, but also a large step to bring the worldwide walking machine community closer together, in order to exchange results and to communicate with each other.

This aim can only be reached with the help of everybody of the walking machine sector. Therefore, I would like to ask everyone involved in the development of walking machines that are not yet included in this catalogue to fill in the questionnaire.

Besides the information on walking machines, the catalogue offers also the possibility to get further information about the different research groups or to contact them via email. This can be effected directly by using the catalogue.

I would also be very pleased if you could distribute our catalogue to your friends and colleagues from the walking machine community. I am looking forward to receiving every possible support in order to increase the first collection of walking machines.

Call for Papers

25. -27. SEPTEMBER 2002 Paris, France

Karsten Berns(

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